Health and Physical Education

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Qualifying Standards


All students at Blacksburg Middle School participate in the health and physical education program. Health Education and Physical Education combine to motivate individuals to become focused on total body wellness. Health classes provide the foundation for developing skills, attitudes, and behaviors that will assist students in establishing healthy lifestyles.

Physical education provides experiences that will enable students to become healthy, active and productive citizens. Conditioning, active participation, knowledge of rules, and development of skills are emphasized. Activities include traditional team sports, individual sports and leisure-time activities.

In order to ensure safety, comfort, and proper attire, students are encouraged to wear uniforms, athletic shoes, and sport socks in their physical education classes. Uniforms may be purchased from the physical education department.


Allen Childress,

Tim Dunkleman,, Athletic Director

Janyne Mathena,

Meredith Shealor,

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