Staff List

Staff and Faculty List


Name Department email
Akers, Rick Custodial Staff 
Altizer, Daniel 6th Grade, Science
Azargoshasb, Zohreh Instructional Assistant
Barkalow, Viola Cafeteria Staff
Beckner, Jessie Resource Teacher
Bennett, Morgan Foreign Language, Spanish
Bentley, Brad Head Custodian
Bingley, Susanna 8th Grade, Math
Bond, Erin 8th Grade, Science
Bonds, Jennifer 7th Grade, Social Studies
Bonomo, William  Custodial Staff
Bridges, Read 6th Grade, Science
Byrd, David Assistant Principal
Chavira, Richard Resource Teacher
Childress, Allen Health & PE
Chittum, Shirl 6th Grade, Social Studies
Collie, Bailey Resource Teacher
Conaway, Katie School Counselor
Cox, Rupert 8th Grade, Math
Craddock, Lourie Cafeteria Staff
Dalton, Pamela CTE, Digital Input Technologies
Devenport, Anne Foreign Language, French
Diggs, Amy Admin Ass't, Attendance
Distler, Gretchen 6th Grade, Language Arts
Donald, Olivia Music Therapist
Dowdy, Arlene Instructional Assistant
Dunkleman, Tim Health & PE, Athletic Director
Dye, Joe Instructional Assistant
Edwards, Sheri 6th Grade, Math and Adv Math
Eyre, Sarah CTE, Agriscience and Floriculture
Farmer, Harry Fine Arts, Band
Farmer, Katie 7th Grade, Math
Farmer, Lesley 8th Grade, Language Arts
Ferguson, Hollie 8th Grade, Science
Foiles, Kate Fine Arts, Chorus
Franklin, Tammi Occupational Therapist
Glick, Jordan School Counselor
Goforth, Tracy 6th Grade, Social Studies
Gomez, Emily Resource Teacher
Gordon, Candice 8th Grade, Civics
Gore, Rhonda Cafeteria Manager
Gorzycki, Greg Resource Teacher
Hamed, Matti 7th Grade, Science
Haynie, Mark School Resource Officer
Hedgepeth, Lorraine CTE, Digital Input Technologies
Heilig, Chris Instructional Assistant
Helton, Ginny School Nurse
Himes, Heather Reading
Hinson, Caren Resource Teacher
Hinson, Linda Fine Arts, Art
Hoffman, Reba 8th Grade, Science
Hole, Judy Speech Therapist
Holmes, Becky Instructional Assistant
Honeycutt, Bo Assistant Principal
Hooper, Lorie Cafeteria Staff
Hubbard, Emily Fine Arts, Art
Hudgins, Joy Instructional Assistant
Hunter, Mitch Custodial Staff
Ihlefeld, Megan 7th Grade, Science
Johnson, Isaiah ISS
Jones, Amanda Custodial Staff
Jones, Karen 6th Grade, Math
Jones, Roger  Custodial Staff
Kenley, Etta Cafeteria Staff
Leighton, Nicki 6th Grade, Social Studies
Lester, Misty Gifted Resource
Lowe, Kittie Resource Teacher
Mash, Brenda Gifted Resource
Mathena, Janyne Health and PE
McCall, Jamie Algebra and Geometry
McGee, Alicia Technology Resource
Miller, Tom 8th Grade, Science
Mills, Kevin Custodial Staff  
Minnich, Katie Resource Teacher, Reading
Minnick, Savannah ESL
Moore, Sarah 7th Grade, Language Arts
Norris, Rose 7th Grade, Science
Parker, Michele School Counselor
Parker, Stephanie CTE, Tech Ed
Passek, Kelly Librarian
Pearman, Darrell Fine Arts, Band
Price, Kay Cafeteria Staff
Ptak, Cindy American Sign Language
Quesenberry, Kevin 8th Grade, Civics
Ratcliffe, Jessica 7th Grade, US History
Reyna, Sheila Foreign Language, Spanish
Richards, Aaron 8th Grade, Language Arts
Robertson, Deanna Resource Teacher, Reading
Ruhling, Heidi Resource Teacher
Ruppert, Eric 6th Grade, Math
Sanderson, Carrie 7th Grade, Math
Semanic, Susan School Psychologist
Scott, Rachel 7th Grade, US History
Shealor, Meredith Health & PE
Sim, Sandra 8th Grade, Language Arts
Sloss, Ellen CTE, Business
Snodgrass, Tami Bookkeeper
Spagnolo, Steve 7th Grade, Math
Spagnolo, Suzee 7th Grade, Language Arts
Swisher, Robert Instructional Assistant
Thornton, Heather Instructional Assistant
Utzinger, Ashleigh 6th Grade, Language Arts
Vance, Barbara Instructional Assistant
Vance, Jane Instructional Assistant
Van Dyke, Debbie Administrative Assistant
Vaught, Pamela Instructional Assistant
Veit, Tammy Spec Ed Consulting Teacher
Wade, Ryan 8th Grade, Civics
Waldron, Lisa Instructional Assistant
Walls, Lori Admin. Ass't, Counseling Office
Weidner, Amanda Principal
Wescott, Lily Physical Therapist
Whitten, Clint 7th Grade, Language Arts
Wigand, Sue Resource Teacher
Wilder, Marissa 6th Grade, Language Arts
Wilson, Sandra Custodial Staff
Wooten, Kayla 6th Grade, Science
Worley, Lee Fine Arts, Art