Staff List

Staff and Faculty List


Name Department email
Akers, Rick Custodial Staff [email protected] 
Altizer, Daniel Health & PE [email protected]
Azargoshasb, Zohreh Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Bailey, David Custodial Staff [email protected]
Barkalow, Viola Cafeteria Staff [email protected]
Berryman, Alyssa Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Beckner, Jessie Resource Teacher [email protected]
Bingley, Susanna 8th Grade, Math [email protected]
Bond, Erin 8th Grade, Science [email protected]
Bonomo, William  Custodial Staff [email protected]
Byrd, David Principal [email protected]
Cardenas, Ian Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Carter-Hollimion, Vanessa Admin Ass't, Counseling Office [email protected]
Casto, Nicole World Languages, French [email protected]
Chase, Bobbie 8th Grade, Language Arts [email protected]
Chavira, Richard Resource Teacher [email protected]
Childress, Allen Health & PE [email protected]
Cohen, Lydia 6th Grade, Science [email protected]
Conaway, Katie School Counselor [email protected]
Cox, Rupert 8th Grade, Math [email protected]
Craddock, Lourie Cafeteria Staff [email protected]
Dalton, Pamela CTE, Business [email protected]
Diggs, Amy Admin Ass't, Main Office [email protected]
Distler, Gretchen 6th Grade, Language Arts [email protected]
Donald, Olivia Music Therapist [email protected]
Dowdy, Arlene Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Dunkleman, Tim Health & PE, Athletic Director [email protected]
Eddins, Aja CTE, Robotics [email protected]
Eyre, Sarah CTE, Agriscience and Floriculture [email protected]
Farmer, Harry Fine Arts, Band [email protected]
Farmer, Katie 7th Grade, Math [email protected]
Farmer, Lesley Gifted Resource [email protected]
Ferguson, Hollie 6th Grade, Science [email protected]
Ferguson, Mary Beth Resource Teacher [email protected]
Foiles, Kate Fine Arts, Chorus [email protected]
Franklin, Tammi Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Fthenos, Georgette 7th Grade, Social Studies [email protected]
Glick, Jordan School Counselor [email protected]
Goforth, Tracy 6th Grade, Social Studies [email protected]
Gordon, Candice 8th Grade, Civics [email protected]
Gore, Rhonda Cafeteria Manager [email protected]
Gorzycki, Greg Resource Teacher [email protected]
Gruver, Emily Theater Arts [email protected]
Gurley, Amanda 6th Grade, Social Studies [email protected]
Haynie, Mark School Resource Officer [email protected]
Hedgepeth, Lorraine CTE, Business [email protected]
Heilig, Chris Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Helton, Ginny School Nurse [email protected]
Himes, Heather Reading [email protected]
Hinson, Caren Resource Teacher, Reading [email protected]
Hoffman, Reba 8th Grade, Science [email protected]
Holmes, Becky Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Hooper, Lorie Cafeteria Staff [email protected]
Hubbard, Emily Fine Arts, Art [email protected]
Hudgins, Joy Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Hurd, David Assistant Principal [email protected]
Ihlefeld, Megan 7th Grade, Science [email protected]
Jones, Karen 6th Grade, Math [email protected]
Jones, Roger  Custodial Staff [email protected]
Kurtz, Sharon CTE, Business [email protected]
Leighton, Nicki 6th Grade, Social Studies [email protected]
Lubitz, Rachael  8th Grade, Science [email protected]
Martin, Melissa CTE, Family & Consumer Science [email protected]
Martin, Richard  Custodial Staff TBA
Mash, Brenda Gifted Resource [email protected]
Mathena, Janyne Health and PE [email protected]
McCall, Jamie Algebra and Geometry [email protected]
McGee, Alicia Technology Resource [email protected]
Minnich, Katie Resource Teacher [email protected]
Moore, Sarah 7th Grade, Language Arts [email protected]
Moses, Sonny Custodial Staff [email protected]
Neumann, Leandra Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Newton, Sheri 6th Grade, Math [email protected]
Norris, Rose 7th Grade, Science [email protected]
Parker, Michele School Counselor [email protected]
Passek, Kelly Librarian [email protected]
Pearman, Darrell Fine Arts, Band [email protected]
Peeples, Taylor 8th Grade, Science [email protected]
Perdue, Leah 7th Grade, Science [email protected]
Priddy, Emily Fine Arts, Art [email protected]
Prisley, Dustin 6th Grade, Language Arts [email protected] 
Ratcliffe, Jessica 7th Grade, US History [email protected]
Redding, Emily Assistant Principal [email protected]
Reguant-Codina, Roger World Languages, Spanish [email protected]
Richards, Aaron 8th Grade, Language Arts [email protected]
Robertson, Deanna Resource Teacher [email protected]
Ruhling, Heidi Resource Teacher [email protected]
Ruppert, Eric 6th Grade, Math [email protected]
Saddler, Timothy Assistant Principal [email protected]
Sanderson, Carrie 7th Grade, Math [email protected]
Semanic, Susan School Psychologist [email protected]
Scott, Rachel 7th Grade, US History [email protected]
Shealor, Meredith Health & PE  [email protected]
Shields, Amber 7th Grade, Language Arts [email protected]
Sim, Sandra 8th Grade, Language Arts [email protected]
Sloss, Ellen CTE, Business [email protected]
Smith, Rachel Speech Language Pathologist
[email protected] 
Snodgrass, Tami Bookkeeper [email protected]
Spagnolo, Steve 7th Grade, Math [email protected]
Spagnolo, Suzee 8th Grade, Civics [email protected]
Spencer, Felicia 7th Grade, Language Arts [email protected]
Swisher, Robert Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Taylor, Lori Tiered Intervention Specialist [email protected]
Utzinger, Ashleigh 6th Grade, Science [email protected]
Veit, Tammy Spec Ed Consulting Teacher [email protected]
Wade, Ryan 8th Grade, Civics [email protected]
Waldron, Lisa Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Walls, Lori Admin. Ass't, Attendance [email protected]
Wescott, Lily Physical Therapist [email protected]
Whisnant, Steele Health & PE [email protected]
Wigand, Sue Resource Teacher [email protected]
Wilder, Marissa 6th Grade, Language Arts [email protected]
Wilson, Sandra Custodial Staff [email protected]
Worley, Lee Fine Arts, Art [email protected]
Work, Samantha Resource Teacher [email protected]