Ms Molly Mitchell, [email protected]

Students who speak English as a second language and are new to the United States and/or Virginia are initially screened using a comprehensive, research-based assessment program designed to determine their level of language proficiency when they enroll in a Montgomery County Public School. Transferring students who have a history of ESL services from another state are enrolled in the program based on their prior year proficiency results. The student’s current proficiency level, along with any other educational data/history, is used to determine the appropriate language services that will be provided to the student at the middle school level. These services may be provided through direct instruction during a designated class period or through support within a content area class. When ESL students have achieved the required proficiency level, they will exit the program; however, they will continue to be monitored for two years to ensure successful integration into the general education classes. An ESL teacher will then be available to support the classroom teacher in adapting instruction to the needs of the exited students. 

MCPS Middle School Program of Study